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Famagusta Apartments

Many foreign property buyers looking for property in Famagusta are beginning to see the benefit of buying an apartment rather than a villa or a house. This is because many newly built villas have structural or legal problems that are not always apparent at first. Never the less, if you have your heart set on another type of property in this area, make sure you follow the advice below. Famagusta is one of the cities in North Cyprus that is attracting property seekers across the globe. Besides the excellent weather condition of the Island, the standard of life in Famagusta is fantastic. Today there are an increasing number of adverts for apartments for sale in Famagusta every week. Indeed, this is the time for you to invest in this beautiful island of the Mediterranean. Properties are sold at affordable prices on the Island but it is not always easy to buy Famagusta property. Therefore, you need to be guided so here are some tips for a successful real estate transaction in Famagusta in North Cyprus for anybody that is looking for property for sale such as villas or apartments.

Famagusta Apartments - North Cyprus Apartments

Famagusta Apartments

1.     Quality: Some of the builders apply a damp proof course while others do not. There are some builders that make use of wall cavity while other builders just make use of a layer of red hollow clay blocks. Some buildings are built with a solid concrete roof while others just use a wooden frame with non insulated roofing tiles places on thin wooden beams. You should be able to differentiate between all of these to see the quality of what you want to buy. Some houses are really poorly built from the foundations up yet are rendered and painted very well in order to deceive potential buyers. Such houses cost more in the long run due to repair that become necessary than buying a good quality house or apartment to begin. Therefore, it is advisable to confirm the building’s quality starting from the foundation work whenever you want to buy a new house or apartment. Always make serious enquiries unless you want to live in a leaky apartment during the winter.

2.     Size of the plot: Before you land in Famagusta you need a firm understanding of the measuring system used there. This will enable you to know the size of your plot and consequently, you need to get a plan of the land that you want to buy beforehand. The plan should indicate exact measurements of the plot of land with the boundaries clearly marked out. This will also enable you to build according the size of the plot. Knowing the size of your plot will help you to plan your building very well and you need the services of a land surveyor to help you do. Secondly before you think of developing your land, you have to contact an architect for the proper planning of your building. If the above is not done you may not have the great building that you desire. If you are buying a completed house, make sure that the house is built according to plan and that all building permissions were sought and building regulations met. A house that has no plan is never good and you may find yourself in the terrible position of having to have your home demolished if the council does not accept that the building is safe. Besides this there is always a waste of space in house that were not properly planned prior to the start of the build.

3.     Use real estate agents. In Famagusta, there are quite a good number of estate agents. The agents are familiar with the developers and they know their reputation and how each house was built. They will therefore help you to get the best house. Besides, they know everything about the title deeds in North Cyprus. If you do not use an estate agent you may end up buying a nightmare property.