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Cheap Property in Kyrenia

Buying a property in the right place and at the right time remains the best way of investing no matter the type of property you buy. Kyrenia is one of the best destinations to buy property in the world today. Kyrenia is the harbour city of Northern Cyprus with amazing sceneries, both natural and artificial, a number of historic monuments and sandy beaches. Indeed, there are many things to see in the central city of Northern Cyprus. Besides the superb site it offers, the weather conditions of the place are excellent and Northern Cyprus generally has warm weather with a long but dry summer.

The above explains why Kyrenia is now playing host to quite a good number of property seekers. Experts have considered buying a property in Kyrenia especially in places located close to the harbour town as a good investment of money. This is because of the booming economy of Northern Cyprus as a result of increasing number of tourists who are trooping into the city on yearly basis. Buying properties in Kyrenia is cheap compared to other European cities but this does not mean that there are no expensive properties to be had in Kyrenia.  You can still find cheap property in Kyrenia but it means you will have to really do your homework and take more than a passing interest of the property trends in this beautiful town.

East of Kyrenia is the favourite location for most property developers in the North Cyprus Kyrenia. In the Eastern part of Kyrenia you will find cheap properties on the beachfront. The fantastic beaches, olive groves and mountains as well as sea sceneries are the reason why the eastern part is favoured by many property developers and investors alike. However, the western part of Kyrenia has also a number of affordable properties located in the Zeytinlik, Lapta and Alsancak villages. These villages also enjoy wonderful mountainous and sea vistas. There are a number of properties in the sea and mountainous front of the villages with the western part of the Kyrenia not far to the centre of the city. If you buy a property there you will enjoy it numerous beaches as well as restaurants and you will feel like you have been picked up and dropped in paradise.

If you want to buy any property at affordable prices in Kyrenia, it will be to your advantage if you employ the services of real estate agents. These real estate firms have some agents who are more than at home with the English language. The aim of hiring such people is for them to help English speakers who want to buy property in the region. They provide them with useful guidelines and advice on how to buy property in Kyrenia as well as often providing that crucial translation service that many foreigners almost forget about. Besides, these real estate agents come from Kyrenia or other locations in North Cyprus and they therefore know the character of each developer. Consequently, they apply caution when they are choosing properties for sale.

Generally, properties in Northern Cyprus are still affordable. In the light of what has been said, buying cheap property in Kyrenia is a good investment of both your money and your time. It is the best way to secure the future, not just of yourself but also of your family.