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Buy property in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus occupies some portion of the entire territory of the beautiful island of Cyprus. It is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The island is blessed with a wonderful climate which has not known the damaging effect of commercialisation and industrialisation. Northern Cyprus is sunny with the best natural scenery and above all, it has a long but dry summer. It is really fun living in Cyprus and the climate condition of the Island and its wonderful scenery make it the best place to have a romantic holiday experience. If you are looking for the best island to buy property then you may consider going to Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus

The Beautiful Northern Cyprus

Quite a good number of experts have revealed that Northern Cyprus is the best place to buy property. The reason for the above statement is quite obvious.  Buying property in Northern Cyprus gives value for money. The cost of property in Northern Cyprus is relatively cheap when compared to any other European location. It is a great opportunity to buy property in Northern Cyprus before the price rises. There are a lot of things that you stand to gain when you buy property in Northern Cyprus.

Besides buying your property at the best price, the living standard in Northern Cyprus is excellent. The high standard of living in Northern Cyprus makes it the ideal place for people who have retired from active service because with their pension they will be able to enjoy their old age. This is unlike in other European cities in countries like Spain, France, United Kingdom and even southern Cyprus. Their pension will not only sustain them but it will also give them a meaningful living. This does not mean that luxury is substituted with low life because the affordable nature of things in the Island does not affect the quality of life.

Buying property in northern Cyprus is not only good for retired people, young people can also benefit from the cheap nature of property in Northern Cyprus. Acquiring a property in Northern Cyprus is the best option for all those who want to secure a solid future for themselves. Given the economic predicament of the present time, securing ones future retirement on shares and stocks is no longer safe and this is why buying some property in Northern Cyprus is a veritable means of laying solid foundation for the future.

There are other things that make Northern Cyprus the best place to buy property. The island is accessible through airlines. There are also a number of schools that teach with English language so families with children have nothing to fear.

However, if you are a foreigner you do not just buy property in Northern Cyprus without first checking a few things. There are certain things that you need to consider before you buy any property. First of all you need to get a lawyer that will guide you on how property is legally acquired in North Cyprus and you need to know the measurement system of the island. For instance land is measured in donum which is equivalent to 1388m2.

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